Meet the Founder of

Mommy Scrubbs

My name is Kathy Hines, I’m an entrepreneur, designer, inventor of Mommy Scrubbs, and mom of 6 wonderful children, all of whom I breastfed as babies!

I Believe That Breastfeeding Is the Best For Babies.

After my moms own personal struggle and working in the medical field; seeing so many nurses struggle with juggling their demanding job and finding the time and convenience to breast pump, I was urged to fill this gap for so many women who sacrifice to help others.

giving back

 I have worked extensively as a Labor Coach (Doula) and lactating consultant for moms who desired to breastfeed their babies and were in need of emotional and instructional support to make the process of nursing easier. My drive is the result of learning that my mother was unsuccessful in breastfeeding me due to the availability of the ‘shot’ to dry the human milk supply, which in turn affected her ability to breastfeed any of her children thereafter. She had no idea that her milk was not performing as it was supposed to have been, her doctor told her that her milk was ‘no good’ and did not share that it was a resultant of the shot that was given to her years before.

The Scrubb

Mommy Scrubbs is my response to the growing need of reintroducing and accepting the breastfeeding model back into our society as a necessary natural part of the life process. Breastfeeding has shown itself to be medically sound in supplying the specifically designed milk cultured and created to suit the medical and physical needs of a growing newborn.