Kathy Hines

Mom of 6 awesome children, business owner of Mommy Scrubbs, entrepreneur with background in the Medical field, securities, Banking, Bespoke wedding gowns, science and Real Estate. I am a lover of knowledge and health.

Mommy Scrubbs Q&A: Breastfeeding and shiftwork – does it work?

Hello, I was just wondering about your experiences breastfeeding and working as a registered nurse. I am currently expecting, and I work peds (primary) and couplet care (occasionally). I really want to breastfeed this time around (this is my second) because of the benefits for me and baby… however, I am concerned with my working …

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10 Tips for Flying with Breast Milk

 By: Kathleen Berchelmann, MD, FAAP originally from http://www.healthychildren.org I’ve heard many a horror-story about flying with breast milk, from security agents who forced moms to dump out milk, to broken bottles. I’ve also made a few mistakes myself, once causing me to throw out several days of expressed milk. I’ve taken countless business trips while breastfeeding my five children, …

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The Imperative of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best way to go… Breastfeeding has far-reaching, lasting effects, affecting the lifelong health of both the mother and her child. The nutritious components of breast milk provide crucial immunological and anti-inflammatory properties that protect the child against acquiring a host of illnesses and diseases, as well as improving maternal health outcomes. Although, …

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Breastfeeding & Intelligence, Why Cast Shadows?

This post is in response to the CBS news article titled ” Breast-Fed Children Not Necessarily Smarter Study Finds“. Considering that breast milk is human specific, the capacity to indicate ‘smarter’ is questionably relative and of little substance. Why is so important to cast shadows on breastfeeding, a positive organic source of life? Why purpose …

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